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Troubleshooting a Laptop That Emits Burning Smell While Running

When a laptop gets too overheated, a common outcome is release of a burning odor. If your laptop is emitting a smoking smell whenever you switch it on, it signifies a more complicated problem within your system. If you do not act promptly, the damage done to your laptop would be irreparable and the best computer repair expert would fail to do much to surge the computer back to life. A smoking odor hints that excessive heat has accumulated inside the laptop and unless proper steps are undertaken to get it fixed, substantial damage would be done to the computer system. The longer you keep the computer switched on after it emits a burning smell, the hotter it would become, further aggravating the cause of the smell. Read on to know about some prompt actions that needs to be implemented if you wish to salvage the laptop without calling any tech support service.

Act promptly If your laptop is emitting a smoking odor, quick action is of supreme importance to resolve the issue and restore the machine's functionality. First and foremost, power down the system right away if you do not want any additional problem plaguing the computer. At the same time, also remove all the accessories that are attached to the laptop. Check out the reason In order to effectively troubleshoot the burning smell emanating from the laptop, you have to realize the source of the odor. Touch the base of the machine with your hands to look for hot spots and also check the air vents to see whether they are blocked by any chance. Inspect the AC adapter carefully and look for signs of any kind of melting or damage due to the heat. Evaluate and fix One of the most common overheating triggering factor is obstructed air vents. After the laptop has cooled down, utilize a can of compressed air to remove any clogs of dust and debris that might be blocking the air vents.

Spray the can sufficiently in the vent to get rid of sticky dust particulates and grime. If you have the necessary expertise, remove the cooling fan from the laptop and clean it with compressed air. The surface of the fan can be cleaned with a cloth wet with rubbing alcohol. Make sure the internal components are properly cleaned before reassembling the laptop and switching it on. If you find the cleaning process too challenging, call an online computer support expert. Prevention The best way to prevent an overheated laptop is to make sure that the airflow in the machine is maintained properly. The debris that collects on the air vents needs to be cleaned on a regular basis so that vents works efficiently. If your laptop has a tendency to get overtly heated up, opt for a cooling stand to keep the system cool. Also, to fix computer's overheating issue, make sure that you work on the laptop only after placing it on a hard surface so that the air vents do not get obstructed in any way.


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