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Facebook or Subvert The Fledgling Department of The Silicon Valley

U.S. "Forbes" magazine published an article online, draw attention to Facebook's growth system. Although still in the early stage of development, perhaps in the near future, growth will subvert the entire system after Facebook Silicon Valley. The following are the main contents of this article:2011, you need to know about a term-Facebook system. When the early Facebook employee turnover, they inherited the tradition of the technology industry, to promote the use of the wealth in the hands of the progress of science and technology. Historically, Intel is Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) established by the former employee. The former employee of Microsoft has been supporting the development of start-ups, from office automation to the field of biotechnology enterprises. In 2002 eBay spent 1.5 billion acquisition of Paypal, after that,Asus A7U battery,some former employees still maintain contact Paypal to form the "Paypal Party", mutual investment, promoting LinkedIn, Youtube and the development of companies such as Yelp, and the company has to promote the Web 2.0 to flourish. Paypal founder Peter? Tell (Peter Theil) was the first major investor Facebook. Google may have the most active investment teams nowadays. Leaving about 100 Google employees each quarter will meet in San Francisco to discuss business development and investment. Former members of the group must be full-time employees of Google, now a full-time investor or entrepreneur. Interview process, they exchange business ideas and investment for New York City, or the prospects of social gaming group discussion topics.

One group member said: "This group may be 'PayPal Party' 10 times, but we will not have been talking about it." Over the past two years, all major Silicon Valley venture capital firm hired Google crazy former employees, in particular, has a unique vision of contemporary trends in trade, product manager. Google employees leaving the company invested in the Internet as a starting point to the social media change, get involved in games, web chat and content analysis, some of which Facebook has been acquired. Currently, Facebook began to expand the Department of influence, and inherit the tradition of their predecessors: after-service and venture capital companies, start-ups to established companies to invest in social networking and the Internet. And the predecessors of the difference is that the Department of the younger generation of Facebook, from the book look more rich.

Google hiring former employees as the same venture capital firm started hiring Facebook former employees crazy. The 30 year old Matt? Kohler (Matt Cohler) is Facebook 7 employees, the former vice president of product management in 2008, joined the venture firms Benchmark Capital (Benchmark Capital). From this point of view, the Facebook staff can help later hand. Matt? Kohler invested in Facebook,Asus A42-A6 battery,Department of start-ups founded by people Quora and Asana. Quora former employees of the Facebook Charlie? Chievo (Charlie Cheever) and Adam? An Jieluo (Adam D 'Angelo) was founded in 2008, is an intelligent Q & SNS products. De Gloria, who helped Zuckerberg founded Facebook, the two former prep school roommate, and started in high school with a music service called Synapse. Charlie? Chievo and Zuckerberg met at Harvard, the two did not have close friends, and join Facebook later than De Gloria. Charlie? Chievo who helped develop Facebook Connect De Gloria and Facebook Platform. In addition, the design star Rebecca before Facebook? Cox (Rebekah Cox) to leave the same day, Quora to hire her. Asana is a work of information sharing products, is still a secret test, the Facebook co-founder Dustin? Moskowitz (Dustin Moskovitz) was founded. In addition to the identity outside the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin? Moskowitz (Dustin Moskovitz) also served as the first chief technology officer, Facebook, and Zuckerberg and are roommates. Among his advisers and investment, is at least 5 people have Facebook, magistrates, including the Kohler and De Gloria. De Gloria provided to $ 1,200,000 Asana angel investors, Benchmark Capital led the Kohler in Asana is the first round of financing. So far, Asana from Benchmark Capital and Andreessen-Horowitz received 900 million U.S. dollars investment. Facebook first president, co-founded Napster and became famous because of the Sheehan? Parker (Sean Parker) is also investments to Asana 120 million. Parker is still the venture capital firm Founders Fund managing partner. Facebook Another part of the network system, in Ji Erdun? I (Gideon Yu) also served as chief financial officer Facebook, he to the enterprise data platform for enterprise data platform to provide angel investment Cloudera. Ji Erdun?

 I currently venture firms Khosla Ventures general partner.Cloudera founded in October 2008, data from the former manager Jeff Facebook? Hamobeiqie (Jeff Hammerbacher) was founded. Prior to founding Cloudera, Jeff? Hamobeiqie served as venture firms Accel Partners of settled entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur-in-Residence), the company also invested Cloudera. Recent headlines frequently occupy the media technology sector is the Facebook platform manager, former senior David? Maureen (David Morin). David? Maureen recently co-founded the popular smartphones in recent personal photo sharing network Path, Path users can add friends to limit the number of 50 or less. In 2009,laptop battery,David? Maureen Investment Hot Potato. Hot Potato Facebook after the acquisition, the co-founder Justin? Schaffer (Justin Shaffer) is currently responsible for building Google's new group features. Is certain is that, Facebook is still in the development of early systems. As Facebook to postpone the listing, in the pursuit of new investments before the current Facebook, many employees did not choose to leave. However, with the development and expansion of the Department of Facebook, which may subvert the Silicon Valley. All right reservesd


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