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Benefits of WAN Routers

A router is a device that forwards date packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. When a data packet comes in one of the lines, the router reads the address information in the packet to determine its ultimate destination. Then, using information in its routing table, the router directs the packet to the next network on its journey. Routers are used in homes across the world, as well as businesses. However, WAN routers are typically used with bigger businesses.  

A WAN router is a router used for a wide area network (WAN). It facilitates the transmission of multiple data streams between a company's enterprise locations to its branch location, for example, which use smaller capacity branch routers. A WAN router aggregates traffic from multiple access routers, either at the same site, or to collect the data streams from multiple sites. WAN routers typically have a great deal of memory installed, offer multiple WAN interface connections, and have substantial onboard data processing routines. WAN routers are typically only considered beneficial to large companies. However, they do come in various distribution capacities, with some offering as few as two routers for data streaming. So, they definitely do not have to be used for large companies only. 

 Here are a few of the features offered by WAN routers:   Failover   Failover is when a router switches over automatically from a failed data stream to a new one, thus preserving its intranet connection. This is often only considered a convenience, not a necessary. However, it is still highly important for places like data centers and defense organizations, as it protects important services.   Bandwidth   WAN routers preserve bandwidth by balancing links to the Internet or to an intranet and distributing them across as many routes as possible. If you or your company is working with less than ideal link balancing, then you can easily exceed your bandwidth and have issues accessing both the Internet as well as your company's intranet.   Virus Protection   WAN routers offer software that senses and reports the presence of viruses in the network. It's easy to understand why this is important for both at-home use as well as at your business.   Reduced Maintenance Cost   WAN routers offer the luxury of reduced maintenance costs. This is because a WAN router typically has automated features that help it to resolve problems itself. This saves on having to schedule a repair on the router, or having to purchase a new one altogether.  

Web Filtering   

WAN routers are great for businesses, as they make it very easy to control what employees can and cannot access on the Internet.

 Broadband Flexibility   

With a WAN router, you are able to combine multiple broadband connections through single routing mediums. This includes both DSL and satellite. 

 Cisco routers are probably the most sought-after routers on the market today. Cisco owns IOS (Internetwork Operating System) meaning IOS only runs on Cisco routers. This means that you must have a Cisco router and hardware if to have an IOS infrastructure. Cisco routers are popular due to the fact that they offer easy configuration, and are incredibly reliable. 

 If you are looking to purchase a Cisco router, you should consider a refurbished one. Refurbished routers are great because they perform just like new, but at a discounted price. A refurbished router will have undergone diagnostic tests to ensure it is in working condition, and any and all broken parts will have been replaced. Along with this, buying a refurbished router is a smart idea as it is environmentally friendly. Buying refurbished allows one less router to end up in a land fill.


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